Episode 8: Leap Year

Leap Year holds space as the movie that made Renee want to start a podcast picking at romcoms. A film somehow both absolutely boring and completely infuriating, Rae and Renee pick at the dozens of bad tropes, the strange filmmaking choices, the Irish stereotypes, and the times they were both, individually, held hostage by the band Flogging Molly.  This episode is a cornucopia of heavy sighs, swift subject changes, and dinosaur sounds.

leap year.jpg

Intro/Outro: Westy Reflector "Love In This Land"

Episode 7: 13 Going On 30

Consider this our Mark Ruffalo appreciation episode. We talk about the positive messages in the film, why it's great to watch with kids, Mark Ruffalo, women's magazines, Mark Ruffalo, why mean girls suck, Mark Ruffalo. We also discuss how foliage influences bad relationship decisions, haircuts, and Mark Ruffalo.


Music: Love is Over by Ondrosik

Episode 5: Notting Hill

In Episode 5 of Mandatory Happy, Rae and Renee take on Notting Hill, the charming English love story featuring a surprisingly tolerable Hugh Grant, a very weird take on the song "When You Say Nothing At All", and a realistic portrayal of the misogyny famous women face. Listen as Renee's life changes upon realizing Hugh Grant can be enjoyable, and Rae recounts the moment in her life quite like William Thacker's. 

nott hill pic.jpg

Episode 3: 27 Dresses

There are 25 tropes,  27 Dresses, 3 chemistry-less love stories, and enough eye rolling to last a lifetime in this week's episode of Mandatory Happy! Listen while Rae & Renee discuss everything from 90s brows to how to overcome the damage this film does to Elton John. Remember to rate us on Apple Podcasts and enter our giveaway on Facebook!

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